Sensors, AR will drive future advertising

In this week’s session of my emerging media platforms class, we were asked to imagine our career’s future through the lens of emerging technologies. In terms of advertising, I believe that many–if not all–of the emerging platforms we’ve had the opportunity to explore and discuss are going to be important mediums to engage consumers and entice them into the sales funnel. Sensors and augmented reality–or AR–are two technologies, specifically, that I think have strong potential for reshaping and strengthening advertisers’ ability to reach consumers. When paired together, these two technologies provide crucial, passive and active interfaces by which to target key segments. In the not too distant future, everything from consumables in grocery stores to restaurant/ entertainment venues will be coded or embedded with programmable sensors that will  convey contextual info such as comparative pricing or user reviews/ratings on the fly to lightweight headsets or visual interfaces like your driverless car’s 360-degree heads up displays (re: car windows). Pairing sensors and AR will obviate the need to utilize smartphones as the go-to research tool of choice. Instead, data will visually flow intuitively and seamlessly above the products and venues of interest to us, culled from customized user preferences and segmentation pulls via big data. Through sensors and AR, our analog and digital worlds will collide, creating an experience that is truly “indistinguishable from magic.”


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