NeVRmind: Field testing PSVR to generate album art

My emerging media platforms class culminates with an individual field test in which we must utilize one of the many innovations we’ve studied to create a hypothesis and application. My initial idea involves using a Playstation VR drawing app that’s in a new game developed by Harmonix. Truthfully, its “easel mode” is like a primitive–albeit cheaper–version of Google’s Tilt Brush, yet it is unique in that you can load sidecar .mp3s to accompany art creations. My hypothesis is that VR environments can be adapted for album art, and that future albums may be released entirely as VR experiences, with either curated videos, photos or art that augment a band’s vision, solidifying the true concept album. I realize that this application is less journalistic in nature than my course’s focus, but as my concentration is in fact public relations, I think VR album art is an interesting promotional piece that bands can use to garner interest and engagement. I’m looking to employ this particular PSVR paint app to recreate and provide a walkthrough of an album’s artwork as a VR experience, being tentatively focused on bringing to life Nirvana’s Nevermind.


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